The First 100 Chinese Characters - 100 Hán Tự Phải Học

The First 100 Chinese Characters - 100 Hán Tự Phải Học

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The First 100 Chinese Characters
The quick and easy method to learn the 100 most basic Chinese characters
Ebook hướng dẫn bạn cách học 100 chữ Hán đầu tiên cơ bản nhất

Learning the characters is one of the most fascinating and fun parts of learning Chinese, and people are often surprised by how much they enjoy being able to recognize them and to write them. Added to that, writing the characters is also the best way of learning them. This book shows you how to write the second 100 most common characters and gives you plenty of space to practice writing them. When you do this, you’ll be learning a writing system which is one of the oldest in the world and is now used by more than a billion people around the globe every day.
In this introduction we’ll talk about: how the characters developed; the difference between traditional and simplified forms of the characters; what the “radicals” are and why they’re useful; how to count the writing strokes used to form each character; how to look up the characters in a dictionary; how words are created by joining two characters together; and, most importantly; how to write the characters!
Also, in case you’re using this book on your own without a teacher, we’ll tell you how to get the most out of using it.

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